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Looking for Better Health Coverage


  • Because you pay too much in premiums?

  • Because your deductible is too high?

  • Because you doctor is not "in network"?

  • Because you want to save money?


There is a great way to get the health coverage you want for an affordable price.

You can get
  • Lower Monthly Premiums

  • Save hundreds of dollars per month

  • Low to none out-of-pocket expenses

  • Choose ANY doctor, specialist and/or facility you want

  • Excellent coverage with low out-of-pocket expenses

  • Excellent Maternity program

  • No open enrollment date, you can enroll now and cancel at any time.


  • No age restrictions

  • No age related premiums

  • Pre-existing conditions covered (see guidelines)

  • Also works as a Medicare supplemental

  • Recommended by Dave Ramsey,

  the financial guru. 

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