Dental & Vision

Dental & Vision expenses are not covered with CHM. However CHM has a great deal with Careington, which is a good discount plan and includes:

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • TeleHealth -talk to a doctor via your computer, the doctor can write prescriptions from this 'online' consultation. No copay on this. It's included.

  • Hearing aids

  • Cost $19.95 or lower, per month.

For more information on Carington plan, click here

You also save a lot of money with CHM because insurance premiums would be a lot higher than CHM's 'premium'. We suggest, that from these savings you put a little money into a savings account each month so you have money available in case you have any dental or vision needs.

With Telehealth, you have around-the-clock access to consultations with state licensed physicians,  via phone or video chat. Plus, you have access to medical mediation and information. The doctor might prescribe medications for flu, allergies,  fever, sinus infections, UTI, etc.     Reviewing Commercial Insurance to Alternative options - Christian Healthcare Ministries VS Medi-Share

Disclaimer: please note: I am the maker of this website and promote CHM due to the results of my research. I do not work for CHM and I don't get paid by CHM. For complete details on how CHM works, please review the CHM Guidelines on this  page or on the official website.

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