Differences between plans

The most significant difference is that the Silver and Bronze programs are essentially for hospitalization (inpatient and outpatient services) and surgery.


In contrast, the Gold program includes:

  • Hospitalization and Surgery

  • Medical testing

  • Most (if not all) maternity cost

  • Physical therapy and home health care (up to 45 visits per illness)

  • Incident related doctor’s office visits

  • Incident related prescription medications

An 'incident' could be an illness or accident (a medical event)

The Gold level’s personal responsibility is $0 (none) for any bill over $500.

Silver and Bronze members are responsible for the first $1,000 and $5,000 per medical incident, per calendar year, respectively. This amount can be reduced by obtaining self-pay discount.

The Gold level offers many additional advantages such as an enhanced maternity program, more cost support for pre-existing conditions and some assistance for certain medical equipment and transportation cost. The CHM guidelines explain these (clearly) in more detail.

Gold members who also join Brother’s Keeper have no limit on the dollar amount of medical bills that can be shared.


Silver and Bronze members with Brother’s keeper see their per-illness limit increase by $100,000 per year until they reach a cap of $1 million per illness.

To compare the cost between the Gold, Silver and Bronze plan, click here





The Gold level's personal responsibility (deductible) is $0.00 (none) for bills over $500.