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Regular doctors visits (wellness/routine) are not covered (unless they are related to a medical event/incident).


So how can I afford to see a doctor or a specialist?? 

With 'regular' insurance, on average people pay about $35.00 copay.

Also the average person pays $348 on health insurance premium, per person, per month. 

With the Gold plan you pay $150.00 'premium' per person, per month

  • You save approx. $198.00 from the national average, per person, per month.

  • Put this $198.00 (or at least a portion of that amount) in a savings account every month and it will be easy to pay any doctor's bill when you need it.

  • If the doctors visit requires lab work and other testing, and the total bills add up to be over $500, then you can submit your bill to CHM. 







At the doctor's office:

  • Talk to the billing department and explain that you are "self-pay"

  • Most doctors offices have significant reduced fees for self-pay patients as they don't have to file a claim and wait for their money. Doctors offices love self-pay patients and have a self-pay discount policy in place.

  • Use the "health savings account" technique for doctor visits.

The average person pays about $348.00 on commercial health insurance. The Gold plan of CHM is only $150.00 (and it has not changed for nearly a decade!)

I saved so much money with CHM! It just makes sense to support a Christian non-profit organisation instead of supporting some big CEO's bonus check...


As a CHM member your can go to any hospital or doctor for treatment.

To compare health care cost in your area visit

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