X-ray, Scans and other tests

When you go to the doctor and they order test for you it may or may not be covered. It depends on your plan: 

The total amount per incident has to be more than

  • $500.00 for the Gold plan

  • $1,000.00 for the Silver plan

  • $5,000.00 for the Bronze plan

Gold plan example:

If you visit the doctor, and he orders lab work, x-rays and a follow visit and the total bills add up to be $600 then you can submit your bill to CHM. If the claim is according to CHM's guidelines than you will get $600.00 reimbursed.

If the total bill is less than $500.00 than it would be your responsibility.

Please note that there are a lot more restrictions with the coverage of the Silver and Bronze plan and you bills have to me more than your personal responsibility ($1,000 for the Silver plan and $5,000 for the Bronze plan). The Gold plan makes the most sense as it has $0 responsibility if your bills are over $500.

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Disclaimer: please note: I am the maker of this website and promote CHM due to the results of my research. I do not work for CHM and I don't get paid by CHM. For complete details on how CHM works, please review the CHM Guidelines on this  page or on the official website.

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